2017 AIAA SPACE Forum

Presentation Session Information :
ST-03, Space Launch and Ground Operations
September 13, 2017 from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM  in room Celebration 1 

(Canceled due to Hurricane Irma)

Stratospheric-airship-assisted orbital payload launching (SAAOPL),  features with high reusability ratio, robust reliability and short launch cycle, is a novel launching system designed for the next few decades.





  • Combine stratospheric launch with HTHL reusable launch vehicle
  • A mixed structure of balloon and airship as the stratospheric launch platform
  • Use hydrogen and helium lifting gas in platform's ascent but completely vent hydrogen lifting gas after launched the reusable vehicle


  • Reusable: the whole launch system can be reusable 
  • Reliable:  launch system can bring payload back in launch failures
  • Short launch cycle: the next mission can be ready in 8 hours from the starting point of current mission